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The Last Lecture

I’m making a pre-reading  (i.e. scanning) of The Last Lecture by Randy Pausch.  I became interested in this guy when I saw him on Oprah where they also showed a short video clip of him delivering his last lecture.  Randy died shortly after that.

I flipped through the book before buying it and I landed on this chapter that’s entitled “Start By Sitting Together”.  I’m quoting the relevant parts:

Being able to work well in a group is a vital and necessary skill in both the work world and in families.  …

(His) tips … Try for optimal meeting conditions. Meet over a meal if you can; food softens a meeting. Let everyone talk. Don’t finish someone’s sentences.  And talking louder or faster doesn’t make your idea any better.  Check egos at the door: When you discuss ideas, label them and write them down.  The label should be descriptive of the idea, not the originator: the “bridge story”, not “Jane’s story”.  Praise each other: Find something nice to say, even if it’s a stretch.  The worst ideas can have silver linings if you look hard enough.

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