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Beyond Borders

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Working for social justice in Haiti from a Christian foundation, Beyond Borders addresses the rampancy of Haitian child domestic slavery (known as the restavek system, French Creole for “one who lives with.”) A common practice in Haiti — a short two-hour flight from Miami — is for traffickers to travel into the countryside and invite children to return with them to the city with the promise of education. Instead, the children often work in other families’ homes, cleaning, doing laundry, preparing meals, and sometimes they’re left with table scraps to eat and nowhere to sleep except on cement floors with no blankets. Coordinator David Diggs says Beyond Borders works to enlighten rural populations to the injustices of the restavek with media outreach, sustainable agriculture education and “model community” programs that retrieve children who have been sent away and return them to their homes in an aim to inspire surrounding communities to make the same effort.

Because education can help protect an underprivileged person against coercion into slavery, Beyond Borders celebrates literacy and encourages the public’s participation in their Read-a-thon fundraiser, where students seek sponsorship for a particular amount of time reading. (Visit the Get Involved section of their website.) A new program is Beyond Borders’s Work-a-thon to end child slavery, which engages youth and college students to participate in community service while also raising funds from sponsors. The funds support their Haitian education efforts and their work for Haitian children and families.

Email David Diggs (dadiggs_at_gmail.com) for information on how to participate in the Work-a-thon program.