Hope, Dream, Work, Focus, Achieve, Excel, Inspire, Share

Step 1:  We give the gift of hope by committing ourselves to service.  Give what you can or give all you can, it does not matter… as long as you give, it sparks hope in someone’s life.

Step 2: Dream.  (2.1) It is useless to dream when one does not have hope.  (2.2) Believe in your dreams; believe that you can make these possible.

Step 3:  Work. The only way to make our dreams come true.

Step 4:  Focus … we cannot do our work well unless and until we put our hearts and minds to it.

Step 5: Achieve. We reap what we sow.

Step 6:  Excel.  Nobody is perfect but each of us is obliged to excel in our chosen fields.

Step 7:   When we are successful and we excel, we naturally inspire others to hope, dream, etc.

Step 8:  Share … Our ultimate goal is to empower others.  We give them hope so they can dream, work, focus, achieve, excel, inspire and share what they have with others.  Then we go back to step one.  It is an endless cycle.


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