Next Week

Three weeks ago, I was planning to go back to GK-Banago to observe what the DepEd representative was doing so I’d know how T4T can help.  That class was postponed. 

I also missed the second week – I tried to send a text message to the representative but got no reply.  I learned later that that class too had been postponed.  In the meantime, I found a friend (IGM) who promised to help me see the DepEd Big Boss here in Bacolod City so I can make inquiries about what we can do for the Adult Learning System at GK-Banago.

I guess it’s the timing … really bad timing because anybody and everybody connected with schools are busy preparing for the forthcoming school opening.  So the meeting got postponed to another day and yet another and another.

In the meantime, classes at GK-Banago also kept being postponed.  The last time I asked AB, she said the lady-tutor could not come because “she had something else to do.”  It seems the classes at Banago aren’t in anybody’s list of priorities.  That’s really disheartening but it also told me I must hurry!

Finally, IGM sent me a message (via Facebook!) that she’s coming with me to a meeting on Tuesday, June 9, with the DepEd guy who is directly in charge of the ALS.  This is the big guy to see about ALS, that was IGM’s message to me.  I am excited and happy for GK-Banago (and for T4T!).  I hope this meeting pushes through because we can no longer afford to keep on letting time slip by.

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