One baby step and we immediately hit a wall.

Continuing the story about our first visit to GK-Banago, when we left the village, RN and I were very excited but we had no idea how we could jumpstart our program so I asked AB if we could go over and observe an ALS class.  She said yes, on Monday at 1:30.  But on Monday morning, she sent an SMS saying the teacher from DepEd could not make it because of Brigada Eskwela.  So, no class again for the adults.

I could not help remembering what AB said about the dwindling number of students – they were discouraged since classes could not be held regularly.  (DepEd’s too busy for these adults?  Or the ALS is not in their list of priorities?)

I told AB I wanted to get in touch with the teacher so I can ask her what T4T could do for these classes.  She gave me a cellphone number and I sent the DepEd person a message but didn’t get any reply.

I didn’t want to waste time sitting here and waiting for  next Monday not even knowing if the teacher would show up or not.  So I surfed the net to gather more info from the DepEd site.  There was no mention of ALS there and some information had not even been updated (the side banner tagged as EducNews bore the date Jan. 1-31, 2009).  Ironically, this same government agency is launching its “internet connectivity project”. 😦

At this point, I am exasperated but I know I should brace myself for more walls and even deadends.  It’s not fun having to deal with the government.


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