First Baby Step

After postponing our GK date countless of times – I fell ill, then RN got hospitalized, then I got sick again plus many other things came up, we finally went to GK-Banago.  We didn’t know the way but we went anyway.  I reckoned the city’s so small, we’d never get lost.  And our excitement for what might be in store for us could no longer stop us.

We met at 3 p.m. (we were punctual!), discussed a few things over coffee and off we went.  It was not hard to find.  From a few hundred feet away, I immediately saw a cluster of small colored houses.  The trademark of GK!  (I thought this was a good idea so one would immediately be able to identify GK villages without need of any street signs.)

When we got there, another van was about to leave and I right away knew that these guys had just finished their volunteer work.  They were putting away empty containers of what could have been fruit juice, a guitar, a PA system, among others.  Some happy young people in the van were waving to little kids who had big smiles on their faces and who were enthusiastically shouting their goodbyes and thank-yous. I felt a tinge of envy – these guys had gotten their kites flying and here we were, RN and I, with absolutely no idea what we’d be getting into or if we’d even be welcome here.  (But I keep telling myself, as long as we are enthusiastic about this, nothing can stop us … either we’ll find a way or we’ll make one.)

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