First Baby Step, Part 2

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There were plenty of kids and a few adults in what I guess was the village’s community center.  I learned the guys who just left conducted catechism classes there for the traditional “Flores de Mayo” festival.  (Good guys, God bless you all!)  I was  thinking, if we ever get to work with and for these guys, this is where we will also be holding classes: a very simple, almost primitive open structure with a thatched nipa roof, a few plastic chairs and plenty of dust on our feet and around us.  (I brought Candy, my camera, but was too shy to take pictures.)

I looked around and initially cringed at the stinging heat and swirling dust.  The colored houses looked pretty neat but this beauty ended where began a big open space with lots of fist sized stones in lieu of green grass.  There were a volleyball net at the center and this nipa structure at a corner and lots of happy people who politely greeted us even if we were strangers.  I instantly liked the place.

I introduced myself and RN and what we were there for – we wanted to know how we could help the adults who’re preparing to get the government exams for their high school diplomas.  “Ah, Lupa!”, the woman who was cuddling an infant excitedly announced.  “Ha? What’s Lupa?”, I asked.  She said that’s the group preparing for the exams.  The woman then called out for someone to call the Lupa coordinator so I failed to ask what the name stands for.  I know it’s a Filipino term for soil or land but I couldn’t connect a high school diploma with either soil or land so I am sure it must be an acronym for something. Filipinos have really good talent when it comes to making acronyms! 🙂

AB, the GK coordinator, came.  We introduced ourselves but she seemed puzzled and hesitant so I explained that I’m a teacher at the USLS and that BM, the GK provincial coordinator, told us about their problem.  This lent us some credence. She was delighted when she heard the two names – USLS and BM. Apparently, USLS is already helping the village.  I wanted to explain that we were doing this as a different group, not one associated with USLS (I know the school discourages such an association since ours was a non-accredited group) but there was no time to explain this – at least not for now.  I made a mental note to clarify this with AB at a later time but right now, I was in a hurry to get this over and done with. I could feel the heat biting my skin.

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