Why Not?

Today, a niece posed this question on Facebook after noting that she has to be productive because she has only two more weeks of summer left, “what to do, what to do?”  My answers: 1- read a good book or books, 2- go somewhere you’ve never been before, 3- volunteer for a good cause.  Her reply to no. 3 was, “any suggestions?”

I remembered buying a book last month, “Be Hands On! Inspiring Volunteer Stories” so I checked it for suggestions and I landed on this website, www.handsonmanila.org. This, in turn, led me to yet another site, worldwidehelpers.org.  If there is anything in common between these organizations, it is that they link/match volunteers to the different organizations.  Read here and here.

Eureka!  I just realized that nobody does this for Bacolod City and/or Negros Occidental.  There are many volunteer organizations here but I doubt if they have any websites (I tried googling but my efforts were futile).  Or, if they do have websites, these have not been updated.  (This is true also of many other websites in the Philippines; it is so disappointing that we do not fully appreciate the advantages that the internet has to offer.)

I am thus now mulling the idea of putting up a website that would serve as a liaison or information center between these volunteer organizations (thus saving them funds or manpower that they could instead use somewhere else) and the public who would like to donate to them or volunteer their services.  Initially, the website would serve only like a “central information system” so people have easy access to more information about the different volunteer organizations in our area.  Maybe, if I have more help later, we can do what Hands On Manila is doing so we can promote and encourage volunteerism here in Bacolod City and Negros Occidental.

I will explore this idea some more but I am hopeful, I keep my fingers crossed, I’ll be praying for guidance.

P.S. This early, I already know what my blessing/reward will be if this other baby project pushes through – I’ve always wanted to learn more about making/creating/maintaining websites and to be able to do something useful while working from home.  This will certainly be a good incentive. 🙂


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